Saturday, August 6, 2011

LPM Presents LÉSPACE!!!!!!!!

Picture Selfridges, House of Fraser, Debenhams, Bergdorf Goodman, MACYS whatever! LPM is bringing the department store experience to Nigeria, first stop Lagos! It is going to be hip and fashion forward; here are some basic details..... 
We are interested in hearing from vendors in the following categories:
- Fashion (Menswear, Womenswear and Children)
- Beauty
- Lifestyle
- Fashion and Lifestyle Services
The first concept store will be situated in a 600 sqm retail space in a centrally located part of Victoria Island, Lagos. It will be home to a minimum of 35 brands spanning the fashion, beauty, fashion and beauty services and lifestyle industries.
We will also be introducing exciting LPM-centric products and services, such as ‘the Advisory’ (a private personal shopping experience) and limited edition collections exclusive to L’Espace!
In a bid to continue fulfilling our brand mission to be the premier fashion and lifestyle retail solution, we are creating a one-stop shop for fashion and lifestyle, expanding our existing model to better serve our vendors and the end consumer.
The store is set to launch on the 1st of October 2011. The first 10 vendors get a third off! Please emailINFO@LPMNIGERIA.COM OR LPMNIGERIA@GMAIL.COM for more info.
Note: The accompanying visuals are only indicative of the final look of the store. It is still in a work in progress!

Monday, July 18, 2011


We have not blogged in a while, but with a thousand apologies we would like to appease the followers with highlights and reviews from glam events and collections. First off, we shall review the Fashion explosion that took place last weekend at Eko Hotel; "Music Meets Runway" was a success1 Shout out to all the organisers and participants that made the show a blast.
10 designers accompanied by 10 artists took the stage that Saturday evening; it was a whirl of colour, style and sound.
The show began with Vonne Couture featuring D'Prince, the collection had alot of tassles, bow head pieces (very a la Gaga). The line was edgy and fun, the backing vocals by D'Prince set the pace and was a good way to kick start the night.
MMRsmall0080nl  MMRsmall0107nl Screen shot 2011-07-13 at 20.29.25

The second line up was HipHop duo "Show Dem Camp" along side Vive La Resistance. Initially, I was skeptical about this combination; the collection was very quirky, afro-centric and colourful with a 1920s saloon feel to it. I was not sure if the raw, gritty style of SDC would flow well with the collection; I was pleasantly surprised and at ease as the models sashayed and slinked to "Farabale". The song was classy and went well with the line.  

After VLR, I was happy to view the work of a long time acquaintance and power house; Toju Foyeh. Every woman deserves a Toju Foyeh piece, it is just such a pretty label! This collection in particular stayed true to Toju Foyehs classic designs and clean cuts. There were a lot of earthy colours and creams that would compliment a woman of colours skin.
   Shank featured along side the line with his debut track "Julie". I was thoroughly impressed by the rendition of the song as it had been slowed down and toned down, that absolutely suited the pace at which the models walked and suited the collections style. The MMR organisers and participants knew what the the hell they were doing! Was majorly impressed at this attention to detail.

Shortly after, the direction of the show took a drastic turn as the highly anticipated Wiz Kid performed, that boy brought the house all the way DOWN! And in tow was the beautifully different, eccentric line from OBSIDIAN. Words cannot describe the harmony at which this artist and designer meshed; it was so in sync it was unreal. As the models walked, the clothes moved easily and comfortably; I need a piece from this collection, it IS a do or die cause!

The night took a different direction as Grey introduced their unisex collection along side another new talent Davido; apparently it was his first ever live performance, could have fooled me! The boy rocked out and the clothes by Grey were equally refreshing to the eye. A lot of patterns, prints and colour blocking; very reminiscent of Andy Warhol and the Pop Art movement. And please do not get me started on those male models... (fans self).

One of my favourite Nigerian lines as well took to the stage; Virgos Lounge. Another line that every fashionista must own an item from, Virgos Lounge awwed the audience with exquisite and embellished pieces. All the models looked like Princesses and I am sure felt like royalty with Banky W crooning in the background. Sound Sultan came in mid performance as Banky broke into a live version of "Good Bad Guys", it looked like a lot of fun as even the models began dancing.
 <--------This dress shall be mine! Look at it! God is good.

Another performer that brought the house down was Duncan Mighty, had me standing ON my chair displaying all kinds of foolery (please do not judge me, haha). Duncan performed along side Meena; stunning pieces a lot of blues and purples. I particularly like this piece and the model too, what a smile!   
 <---- God! I was not sure why he was in there, but GOD!!! *gives Jesus a wiper*

My primary school mates, the Sutherland sisters also known as Republic of Foreigner show cased their fun and flirty collection that is oh so beach worthy! Dr Sid and the sisters allowed their playful nature shine through as they got down on the stage and even shared a hug, the "awww" that rumbled through the crowd was comical to say the least!

As the night drew to an end, there were 2 acts left. Babushka and Naeto C were an interesting ensemble; Naeto always quirky with his hat and high tops and the classic, clean cuts of the collection. I have always loved the Babushka designs for its texture, home girl (Simi the designer) can literally make a dress out of card board and it still will look so bloody good. Unfortunately there was no stroking for me that night, feel free to weep on my behalf. The collection had a lot of somber colours, blacks and the odd yellow dress which is on my hit list; I NEED that dress! All together, I wish the collection had a bit more colour or evidence of texture.

And the final act was by the amazing Tsemaye Binitie and Wiz Kid once again, kudos to him for performing twice and hitting every note with a home run, home boy sounded good! The collection was particularly appealing because it could easily cross boarders; it could be worn any where around the world regardless of culture. It was a mix of casual wear and some cocktail pieces; I was particularly feeling the transparent black evening gown that is quite similar to the one from Virgos Lounge. But the Tsemaye Binitie version was styled in such a way that only a daring fashionista could rock it successfully; black sheer underwear and a black mink coat. I was slain by that ensemble! Yassss!

The night all in all was an experience, I am too bi-polar to chose a favourite collection; all the lines catered to my moods! What was your favourite collection or piece and whose performance rocked your socks off?
And we promise not to desert you Fashionistas ever again, there shall be plenty more posts from now on. Till then; peace, love and all that good stuff....
                                                                                                      Faridah Adebiyi and the LPM Team xxx

Thursday, December 23, 2010


In Lagos, there are a few things everyone can agree are awesome: Glover Court Suya. Cactus Brownies. Fashion shows. And LPM!
So we know everyone’s waiting with bated breath for the second annual LPM GRANDE MARCHE.
And we won’t disappoint! From the awesome shopping, VIP goodie bags and the uber fabulous LPM Grande Marche Runway featuring some of the best in Nigerian fashion. Not to mention the LPM #BuyNigerian Documentary! Rehearse those soundbites people!!

Start replenishing your wardrobe for the New Year! And grab some last minute holiday gifts for the family and friends.
Here’s a sneak peek of what we have in store for you this Sunday!

Pull together your party look with designer cocktail dresses, bold makeup, and festive accessories. Then pregame with a glass of champagne — it’s going to be a good night.

It’s the little things. These ones to be exact.

Pretty – not prissy -

Swaddle yourself in updated styles and quirky accessories

*All clothes and accessories above are available at LPM This Sunday
Le Petit Marche
GET Arena, Oniru Estate Opposite Oriental Hotel from 12PM – 6PM)
The LPM Runway is from 2pm – 4pm.
Diva House of Accessories. Mud Cosmetics. Sacred Lashes. House of Nwocha. Ours By Juliada. Lo’Lavita Premium Hair. Soriah and Sophiat. Bothways. Laba Laba. Cool Steps. Akpos Okudu. Teens,Tots and Preggies (TTP). Allen and Fifth. B.I.O. La Bennis. Wana Sambo. Na’Tees,  Republic of Foreigner. Simeogieme. Literatti. Mo’s. Glue Clothing Company. Orhuee Couture. Re Bahia. Virtur by FocusWear. Beeliz.  Jewels and Scents. Rouge Vallari. Obsidian. Ejiro Amos Tafiri. Kem Kem Studios. Isi Brown. Qubraz Designz. Goldfinger Global Resources. Accessories 2 Die 4. Kuddy Cosmetics.


Style House Files, Bella Naija
Haute Fashion Africa
MUD Cosmetics
Belleza Spa
Sacred Lashes
B-Natural Spa

One Nigerian Boy
Kuddy cosmetics
Pearls and Scents
Diva House of Accessories
Mannequin Magazine
360 Nobs
Complete Magazine


For more information email and don’t forget to join the group on Facebook :

Sunday, November 21, 2010


We were recently featured on the awesome fashion blog SBQ, by Kike Soyode and Tobi Sotubo. Take a peek at what we had to say about LPM and the future of Nigerian fashion! The interview can be found here: LPM: Proudly Nigerian


LPM Team

LPM LOOT: Vendor Chat II

More from Terence + Nicole - this time they chat with Chichi of Rouge Valleri Couture, Tayo Shonekan of Aimas, Juliet of JIDZ bags, the MMABON team and ST Colours girls.

LPM LOOT: Vendor Chat

The fabulous profashionelle's, FAB Magazine Junior editor Terence Sambo and Top Model/budding beauty mogul Nick Chu, chat with a few of our vendors at the LPM September Issue. Enjoy!

Vendors: Na'tees, Kem Kem Studios, Retrospective, Ejiro Amos Tafiri

Friday, October 22, 2010

Time to WIN!!!

Keep your eyes peeled for the opportunity to win any of these amazing prizes throughout the month of October.
Follow this link - - to Bella Naija's bargain page for a chance to win

This promotion will be running every Wednesday throughout the month of October so don’t take your eyes off
You  can send in your answers at anytime throughout this month so you always stand a chance to win

Wednesday 13th October

1 NS1463 tee

1 pair of limited edition Sacred Lashes, ( "party or artistic") and 1 personal eyebrow consultation and threading by Lola Maja.

Cam Cam Sweets Specials (500g Pick and Mix)

1 Ejiro Amos Tafiri ‘Waka Waka’ Dress in Lilac.

1 JIDZ Cheque book holder, unisex leather armband.

Simply answer - Where is LPM currently held?
Send answers to

Wednesday 20th October
1 NS1463 tee

1 pair of limited edition Sacred Lashes, ( "party or artistic") and 1 personal eyebrow consultation and threading by Lola Maja

Na’Tees Infiniti Dress

1 JIDZ Belt.

LaBennis – Earring and Necklace set from Topshop

1 wall painting and a fab glass vase from Home Essentials
Question : What date is the next LPM?

Wednesday 27th October
1 NS1463 tee

1 pair of limited edition Sacred Lashes, ( "party or artistic") and 1 personal eyebrow consultation and threading by Lola Maja

Illimitado Bag

1 Babushka tie dye print sequined wrap dress.

Question TBC

Sunday 31st October
1 pair of limited edition Sacred Lashes, ( "party or artistic") and 1 personal eyebrow consultation and threading by Lola Maja

1 Zebra Sun dress from the classic collection

1 Urban Knit Super Snap Clutch

Vintage Gucci purse and retro

sunglasses case from Retrospective

1 Dermalogica skin courtesy Urban Image Consultancy worth 8-10K Full range for normal to oily, normal to dry or sensitive skin. The kits are perfect for travelling, the gym etc and have 4-6 weeks worth of product (good for people who want to try Dermalogica for the first time before buying full size packs)

1 Frockit Rockit beautifully embellished vest top. For the ultra-feminine, bold and sexy woman. Frockit by day, rockit at night,

1 DreamBlast womens tee

1 DreamBlast mens tee

1 Ejiro Amos Tafiri ‘Dysis’ dress in white

Question TBC

Dont say we dont spoil ya xxx